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Hip Replacement Surgery

Expedite Your Hip Replacement Surgery with Timely Medical

Surgeries for hip replacements are necessary for many Canadians, but relieving pain in a timely fashion is a challenge that too many patients encounter.

Sometimes doctors will ask you to consider postponing hip replacement surgery, since the patient may well “outlive” the original implant, necessitating a repeat surgery for the same joint. The bigger problem, however, is a patient suffering acute pain in the short term who doesn’t feel they can hold out that long but nevertheless faces daunting wait times.

Hospital bed shortages and limited operating room times have left physicians and their patients equally frustrated. This means hospitals performing fewer hip surgeries and your wait time for hip surgery increasing.

We help you find the private medical services that you need - fast.

Expedite Your Hip Replacement Surgery With Timely Medical

Hip replacement surgeries are necessary for many Canadians, but relieving pain in a timely fashion is a challenge that too many patients encounter. We work with you to prepare for your safe and effective Private Hip Replacement Surgery.

Timely Medical Alternatives is able to facilitate telephone consultations between the patient and an orthopedic surgeon within 48 hours of receiving x-rays. From that point, if the patient and surgeon agree that a hip replacement is the appropriate course of action, surgery can be arranged within 3-4 weeks. Experience hassle-free Private Hip Replacement Surgery with us!

MAKO Robotically Assisted Hip Replacements

Timely Medical is proud to offer MAKO robotically assisted joint replacements to our clients. According to the Cleveland Clinic, this state-of-the-art technology offers improved accuracy and precision when placing the implant into the patient.  Robotically assisted surgeries also require smaller incisions than traditional surgeries and have been shown to have faster recovery times. Regain full motion with Private Hip Replacement Surgery in Canada.

Most patients will be up and walking only 1-2 hours after surgery, and transitioning off walking aids in the first 5-7 days. Get back to your normal life with Private Hip Replacement in Canada. Feel free to call us anytime to get a free quote and timeline for your  Private Hip Replacement Surgery in Canada.

The Benefits of MAKOplasty®

When you undergo joint replacement surgery, you face the typical surgical risks as well as those risks that are specific to the total hip replacement, partial knee replacement or total knee replacement procedure.

Today, we have the benefit of advanced surgical technology to help reduce those risks and improve patient outcomes.

The Mako® robotic-arm assisted joint replacement system leverages state-of-the-art electronic technology to help your surgeon prepare for and perform these complex procedures. Choose safe Private Hip Replacement with us!

How Does Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement Work?

When you and your orthopedic surgeon decide to proceed with a Mako® joint replacement procedure, you will be sent for a CT (computed tomography) scan. The surgeon will upload the CT scan data to the Mako® software to create a dynamic 3D model of the joint. This allows the surgeon to analyze the bones and soft tissues and develop a detailed surgical plan.

On the day of your procedure, the surgeon will first prepare the area by carefully removing the diseased bone and preserving healthy tissue. The surgeon then guides the Mako® robotic arm to position the prosthetic implant. Guided by the surgical plan, the robotic arm provides precise positioning and stability to help guide the implant into place. Restore mobility and hip function with Private Hip Replacement.

Why Is Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement Better?

Although the risk is minimal, hip and knee replacements can fail for several reasons, including dislocation, infection, loosening and mechanical problems with the implant itself.

When performed in the traditional way – without robotic assistance – hip and knee implants are most prone to loosening. In other words, the implant detaches from the bone.

When performed using robotic-assisted technology, the failure rate declines significantly, as does the need for revision surgery. This significant improvement in patient outcomes is attributed to the precision with which the Mako® technology positions the implant.

This approach to joint replacement also allows the surgeon to preserve as much of your healthy bone tissue as possible, an important factor if revision is ever necessary.

Finally, thanks to the CT-derived surgical simulation, your surgeon can position your implant in a way that most closely mimics your natural movement patterns. This helps improve the rehab process and minimizes orthopedic stress on your body. You will also have a more natural gait than you might otherwise experience without the Mako® technology.

Wait Times for Hip Replacement Surgery

Canada’s benchmark for a “reasonable” maximum wait time for hip surgery is 26 weeks, but fewer than 70% of patients in five provinces receive their hip surgery within 26 weeks, including in British Columbia, where only 61% of patients meet that benchmark—the second-worst rate in the country.

Hip Replacement FAQ

Your hip is a “ball and socket” joint. The “ball” (called the femoral head) is covered by a special surface, cartilage, which allows the joint to move smoothly and in its socket. But when injury or disease affects the hip, cartilage degenerates and the joint surfaces become rough, resulting in pain and stiffness.  The pain gradually increases and may be present even at rest. Hip surgery can remove this pain, improve your range of motion and minimize further wear on the joint.

Typically, we can get you surgery within 2-3 weeks from the time we receive your diagnostic package.  In certain cases, we can get a client surgery within 24 hours.  Call or e-mail us to get an accurate quote and timeline for your surgery.

Sometimes doctors will urge you to postpone surgery for as long as you can, because the benefits of the surgery may last for only 10 to 15 years and then need to be repeated.

But if you are already in serious pain, the bigger issue is likely the waiting list typical in most Canadian provinces, including Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. Hospital bed shortages and limited operating room times have left physicians and their patients equally frustrated. This is where Timely Medical Alternatives can help expedite your case through private clinics and hospitals so you can get the surgery you need, with no wait.

Your hip is what is called a “ball and socket” joint. The “ball” (called the femoral head) is covered by a special surface – cartilage — which allows the joint to move smoothly and painlessly in its socket. But when the hip has been affected by injury or disease, the cartilage degenerates and the joint surfaces become rough, resulting in pain and stiffness.

At first, the pain begins gradually and usually occurs only after higher levels of physical activity. With time, however, the pain increases and may be present even when you are at rest. Hip surgery can:

  • Help eliminate this pain
  • Improve your range of motion
  • Minimize further wear and tear on the joint

Hip surgery requires many decisions! The surgeon has two ways of fixing the joint – either with bone cement or by using a porous implant (without cement) designed to encourage the bone to regrow into the implant. There are also many choices for implant material – metal, ceramic and polyethylene.

Technology is changing all the time – resulting in more hip surgery options than ever before. Your surgeon will be able to discuss all your choices with you, helping you make the best possible decision for you.

After you return home, you will likely not require a walker or crutches and will probably be able to walk comfortably with just a walking stick.
While some patients may be told by family doctor not to sit at a 90° angle for a period of time after the surgery, our experience is that virtually all of our clients are able to sit upright in airplane seats 7 to 10 days after their surgery, with no ill effect. Some special equipment will make your life even easier. This includes items such as a raised toilet seat, a stool for the shower, an extended reacher which allows you to pick things up from the ground without bending, a sock cone to help you put on socks, and a long shoehorn.

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Since 2003, Timely Medical Alternatives has been developing a network of over 20 facilities throughout Canada & the U.S., to help our clients access timely surgery at affordable prices. We are able to negotiate discounts of up to 80% off usual and customary hospital pricing, while still maintaining high patient satisfaction & surgical quality.

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Discounts up to 80% compared to usual & customary hospital pricing.

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