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Disclaimer: The testimonials on this page are factual and freely given. We will be pleased to put any prospective clients in touch with anyone posting a testimonial on our website. Surgical results vary from patient to patient, however, depending on factors such as age, physical fitness, or other complicating medical conditions. For this reason, prospective clients should not necessarily assume that they will have comparable surgical outcomes.

March 2017

Hello Team,

I just wanted to send you an email to thank you so very much for the surgery that you arranged for my mother on February 22nd of this year. She is moving about without pain now other than a little soreness from the surgery, but that is decreasing as the days go by. She’s using a cane now but you can see the improvements every day.

My mother and brother couldn’t say enough about the surgeon and hospital staff.  They used the car service you recommended and the driver was very kind and accommodating.  The physiotherapist visited her at my aunts house where she stayed – he was also very kind and professional.

I’m so happy that we contacted Timely Medical and didn’t wait here for the operation. Again, thank you so much for all you did for my mom.

S. Malley

January 2017

Happy New Year Timely Medical

Mom had an appointment with her local physiotherapist last week, who was extremely amazed at her progress. All she could keep saying was “amazing, amazing, amazing”. At only 6 weeks post-op, mom was at a recovery level (range of motion, strength etc.) that the physio does not usually see in her clients until 6 months.  It was also the smallest incision scar she had ever seen 🙂

Her physiotherapist told her that if she ever needed to have her hip replaced, she would call Timely Medical Alternatives.

Mom has been walking inside, including stairs.  There has been snow, ice and unusually heavy winds.  In Vancouver they have even been ice skating on city streets! Yesterday was her first neighborhood walk in the frigid, fresh air with us (-5C).  Brrrrr!

We are very grateful to both of you for your professional care and skill! It is wonderful to see mom so mobile and not in excruciating pain.

Take care and have a great 2017!

Darlene (daughter of Jean)


December 2016

In the late fall of 2016, I was increasingly troubled by pain associated with a failing hip. After proceeding along normal channels and meeting and speaking with various orthopedic surgeons, I quickly became aware that a long term delay – perhaps a year or more – was in front of me. It does not have to be acceptable to any individual who is active, outdoors, travel, and sports oriented to accept pain and fundamental lifestyle changes and constraints.

In my search for solutions I came in contact with “Timely Medical Alternatives” an organization in Vancouver. He fully outlined the services provided, costs related thereto, testimonials from other clients, and benefits and risks. He was fully forthcoming on all issues.

Thereafter I was put in in contact with a surgeon in Phoenix, who, with his surgical and support services, undertook a comprehensive assessment of my situation.

That assessment was thorough, complete in every way, demanding of all necessary reports and examinations necessary to fully understand me, my general state of health, and prospects for successful surgery.  All elements of the surgery – and risks and benefits associated therewith – were discussed. The surgeon contacted and shared information with my personal Physician.

I completed my thorough assessment of this opportunity and quickly determined to proceed. Final arrangements were completed with Rick and a surgery date, within a month, was set for Phoenix.

On arrival I completed several pre op examinations and met medical and support staff who would assist me through this process. This is a tight surgical and support team and, while operating with the highest professional approaches, was nonetheless supportive, friendly, engaging, and encouraging. It is clear that all enjoy working with each other and understood the value of engaging the patient.  It is a very calming environment.

Surgery was successful and the hospital facilities, staff, and services were very good in recovery. In just a few days I was back in my hotel and transported as required for follow up meetings with the surgeon. Physio staff attended at both the hospital and hotel.

Follow up continued after my return.

In all – a very positive experience and a lot of respect for some great people doing a great job.

I would be pleased to answer any questions any prospective joint replacement client may have about my experience.

Frank R.

December 2015

Hi Rick,

It may come as no surprise to you that we are very pleased with the outcome of our trip to Phoenix; nevertheless, Pru and I want to thank you for providing us with a viable option for her diseased knees. Yesterday, we received the itemized list of procedures and prices from the the hospital in Arizona, and were floored by the difference in the price the hospital quoted and the cost we incurred through you. Simply put, we could not have afforded the cost cited by the hospital.  You provide a very important alternative to us and to other Canadians who need medical or surgical treatments quickly.

Pru is doing well and people are amazed that she is walking, sometimes on her own, sometimes with a cane, sometimes with a walker, only three weeks after double knee Makoplasty. Her positive progress is a tribute first to the surgeon and his skill and, of course, to the notion of partial knee replacement that does much less damage to bone, muscle, and ligament. Also, we want to reinforce the surgeon’s expertise and commitment to the welfare of his patients. His frequent contact by phone about Pru’s knees gave us great confidence that he was a surgeon committed to his profession (even though in the summer we had not yet decided on pursuing this course of action.) As well, the OR nurse and other hospital staff assured us that he was an excellent surgeon and we were lucky to be in his hands. Rick, you’ve done a great job to get a great surgeon.

We also want to thank you  for putting us in touch with Ellie Gibson who picked us up at the Phoenix Airport and drove us to an Enterprise Rent a Car location in Glendale. The car rental there was half the price of a car rental at the airport. Ellie was friendly, efficient, and charming. Given the money we saved on our rental car, her modest fee to pick us up, drive Pru to an appointment with the surgeon, and drive us back to the airport when we left was well worth the money.

Thanks again,

John and Prudence Olenik

November 2015

Both my wife and I are extremely satisfied and very grateful for the service you provided us. While for us the dollar amount was high, what we got in exchange was priceless. We saved about 11 months of pain filled agony, abated only by a zombie induced drug filled haze. What good is money if your health is a wreck? Far and away the best use of money is to buy you good health. We not only got a new hip, we got our lives back. All who know Yvonne are amazed at her comeback. She looks and feels 10 years younger. If you have anyone wanting a second opinion, have them call me. This whole experience has been life changing.  I thank you for what you do. Keep up your excellent work.

Derek Q

September 2015

We wanted you to see the evidence at day 23:  first hike out and a relatively easy one (below the treeline as you can see).  The climb was about 800 feet and ~5 miles and everything worked perfectly and felt great!

SeptemberKananaskis hike

Thanks again to all of you

Lisa E.

August 2015

Dear Christian

Just wanted to let you know that we returned to Calgary uneventfully last Friday and my recovery continues to be smooth and rapid. Tomorrow will be two weeks post hip replacement surgery—I’m continuing with Scott’s excellent program and was able to add some gym time on a stationary bike today. I saw a physiotherapist here in Calgary yesterday and she mentioned to a trainee “this is not your typical hip replacement”.

We have many friends and colleagues who are equally surprised at how quickly I’m recovering (a phenomenon that seems to have occurred with other of your clients as well), and we’ve become quite the evangelists for Timely Medical and the surgeon. Thanks again for restoring my life and health!


Lisa E

May 2015

Just a quick note to let you know how I am doing.

I’m grateful for the referral that Rick Baker of Timely Medical provided and for your quick response in getting me in for the surgery on short notice.  My hip was deteriorating very quickly and I was at a point where I could no longer even sleep at night due to the pain.  It is now 4 weeks since the hip replacement – and I marvel at how well the recovery has gone.  I now have to be particularly careful because there is absolutely no pain in the hip and it is easy to forget myself and do something outside of the hip precautions that you provided.  My range of motion is much better than it has been for over a year and continues to improve.  Even the incision no longer bothers me unless I put real pressure on it.  Walking is no longer a chore – frankly when I came into the hospital for the surgery I could barely walk – even with a cane.

Your staff and the folks at the hospital, including Scott, Luce and Stephanie were all great – courteous and professional.  Thanks to all of them for the help!

The guidance that was provided to me in terms of recovery time was conservative in my case.  I was up with the walker the same day as the surgery (which I believe you try to do with all patients), released from hospital the following day – and really only used the walker for a part of that day.  I used a cane only for two more days – and then was fine without the cane.  I’d say I was walking without a limp within four or five days – and able to do 0.5 to 1.5 mile walks regularly.  I believe Scott’s physio program was of great assistance as well – he was diligent and helped me find the right exercises to speed the recovery along.  I never did experience much swelling and there was no bruising to speak of.

While there was some atrophy of the right leg muscles due to under-use for the period prior to surgery, I’m working to recover that strength as quickly as I can.  I’m back on my bicycle, my wife and I do regular long walks and continue to progress with the physio.  I have signed up for several 75 to 100 mile bike rides later this summer – and plan to begin training this coming week.

Thanks again for all your help!!


April 2015

First let me apologize for not writing before my 1st anniversary of my operation. It`s just that everything feels so natural and pain free, the way it used to be before my hip problems. Since hour 1 after my operation all pain was absent; knee, back, hip and even the actual incision surrounding the area of my operation. I was on pain pills for only two days. I was up and somewhat walking immediately and by the end of 2 weeks, was walking almost 100% normal; no limping at all. When we left town, at the airport at security, I set off the alarm and was puzzled as to why.  When the security person asked me if I had a hip replacement recently, I  stood a minute and then answered, “ yes”. The operation was such a success that I forgot about it, and also forgot to inform security!  To this day, I wake up each day without any symptoms of hip discomfort, and unless someone asks me about my hip, I don`t even realize that I have a new one. It`s that natural.

The physiotherapist was also a huge help, and the program that he sent me home with was very comprehensive and helpful.  I never even went to physio here as it wasn’t needed.

4 months after my operation my wife went to Italy to the world club dragon boat competition for Canada. Of course I went with her. We stayed an extra 5 weeks, touring Italy and Austria. On any given day we walked or hiked a minimum 10 miles or more, and throughout all this walking, I never felt a twinge of pain or discomfort. At the Vatican in Rome we climbed over 550 stairs up in the church and 550 stairs down and again, no pain or discomfort. We went to the Cinque Terra on the Italian Rivera for about a week, and while we were there, we hiked each day for 2 1/2 hours along cliff side, wet, slippery trails and again felt no pain or discomfort.

I would like to thank you greatly for giving me a new lease on life and mobility, with which I would never even had a chance to go to Europe with my wife. One other aspect was that we had a 10 hour flight to and 10 hour flight from Europe to contend with and again, no problem. I did proper protocol and got up frequently and walked around the plane during each flight. To this date, I’m walking, jogging, biking – basically anything, without pain or hint of a limp. There is a possibility that I`ll try skating this summer and return to hockey in a very recreational way. If people didn’t know from me telling them that I had a complete hip replacement 1 year ago, they would never suspect the fact. This was evident 1-2 months after my operation; no one could tell.

Could you please pass this letter on to Scott whose help and physio program was also instrumental for a quick recovery. I would have written to  him directly but I`ve lost his email.

My wife and I both really can’t thank you and Scott enough for your skill and kindness. My operation and recovery and now further mobility in my every day life is a real testament to the great results I’ve obtained.


Ken F.


March 2015

When, in September 2014, I learned I needed a quintuple heart bypass, I was shocked on a couple of levels. First, I didn’t see my cardio-vascular crisis coming as I had been symptom free. Second, I was blindsided by the difficulty Canadians have in getting swift and certain dates with our talented surgeons. We often have to endure long waits for consultation, let alone essential surgery. We can often be “bumped” when a case deemed more urgent is given priority.
Rick Baker CEO of “Timely Medical Alternatives” has been a longtime champion for patients welfare in Canada.
I’m grateful I hooked up with Rick.  I have my son in Toronto, actor Dylan Trowbridge, to thank for finding “Timely Medical Alternatives”, the Vancouver based service founded by Mr. Rick Baker. Within a week of learning about this service I was recuperating from my bypass in a renowned heart hospital. Off-pump surgery (where they don’t stop the heart) was performed by a brilliant cardiac surgeon. Six months later I feel great, do a mile and a half treadmill most mornings and have my golf handicap back down to ten.

Robert E L Trowbridge

February 2015

Dear Rick,

Just a line to let you know that Joan, Andrew and I returned from Phoenix yesterday afternoon and to say thank you for the referral.
The surgeon you referred us to must be one of the foremost orthopedic surgeons in the USA and did an amazing job with Joan’s knee replacement.
As you know his whole team is really first class and the hospital in Phoenix was everything you said it would be and more.
All the staff were extremely helpful and friendly and provided individual attention throughout.
Joan was out of the hospital in only two days and her recovery has gone extremely smoothly with no complications.
Scott, the physiotherapist was excellent and had Joan walking with a cane in no time.
So all-in-all everything could not have gone better and we are very grateful to you for steering us in this direction.


Rob M.

October 2014

Dear Christian,

I am writing to express my appreciation for the service that “Timely Medical Alternatives” offers to Canadians.  As you are aware, I had been waiting for fourteen months to have a torn meniscus surgically repaired and the wait was beginning to have a negative impact on my overall health.  Upon contacting your office, you immediately began working with me to organize a consultation and surgery with an orthopedic surgeon at a clinic in the United States.  Throughout the process, you clearly provided information and promptly answered any questions I had in a supportive manner.

While at the private clinic, I was treated with kindness and respect by all staff.  My orthopedic surgeon and anesthetist attended to me in an exceptional manner.

I am rapidly recovering at home and look forward to returning to an active life style.  I would recommend “Timely Medical Alternatives” to others without hesitation.

With thanks,

A. White

July 2014

Good Afternoon Christian,

I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for coordinating my knee surgery. The experience exceeded my expectations for quality of care and attention to details. The following is a short description of my experience. You have my consent to use this information if you choose to include it on your website.

My wife and I arrived a half hour early for our pre op appointment the day before the planned surgery and were greeted with a friendly receptionist who took the appropriate information and required consent forms. I was immediately taken to have a blood test and blood pressure reading. It would have been helpful if I had brought along a copy of the medication that I am taking from my pharmacist but they were able to call and have the information faxed directly to them. After a short wait I was introduced to the surgeon who was very detailed in what I should expect with the surgery the next day. He was patient and answered all the questions clearly and frankly that I asked. He told me that I was a good candidate for the surgery and that I should expect a relatively quick recovery following and that I should have some physiotherapy to speed the recovery process. The last hurtle to get approved for the surgery was a ECG test that I passed easily. With that test done I was asked to arrive by 6:30 am the next day for my 7:00 am surgery. We arrived early the day of the surgery and were greeted with the same professional and warm experience. Just before the surgery the doctor came to speak to me and described what I should expect and to sign the final consent forms. The next person I met was the anesthesiologist who recommend that I have just the lower part of my body frozen to which I agreed. Moments later I was whisked to the operating room where the procedure would begin. Even though I had opted not to have a general anesthesia I was quite drowsy from the sedative I was given and dozed off during the procedure. The next thing I knew was that I was awake still in the operating room and the doctor was explaining how the procedure was very successful and that I should have a quick recovery. From there I was brought to the recovery room where I stayed under constant observation by a nurse until 10:30 in the morning when I was discharged. Final instructions before leaving included an emergency phone number for 24 hour care and that I should expect a phone call this evening and the following morning to see how I’m doing. Both of which they did exactly as described. A quick but somewhat painful cab ride back to our hotel. Back at the hotel they were wonderful by loaning me a wheel chair which came in handy for the next day and a half. 36 hours after my surgery I was able to walk around the hotel with the aid of a cane and just minor pain. Two days after my surgery my wife and I returned home to Toronto. As I write this message it is four days since my surgery and I can walk without pain and without a cane for short distances. I still have swelling and stiffness in my knee but I have already made significant progress toward recovery.

Just two months almost to the day from when I injured my knee I have had the required surgery. Thanks to you and the staff at the surgical centre I expect a full and quick recovery and I can now be sure that my planned trip to Ireland to play golf in seven weeks can still be on track.

Best regards,

Norman F.

June 2014

As a physically active 56 year old, it was quite distressing to develop osteo-arthritis in both hips, eventually progressing to end-stage OA in one hip, with moderate OA in the other. The orthopedic surgeon in BC was sympathetic when I hobbled into his office, but couldn’t guarantee surgery earlier than 6-8 months. Friends referred me to Rick Baker at Timely Medical who gave me details of 2 different surgical options in the US and after doing my own research, I opted for a bilateral (both hips at once) anterior total hip replacement in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Once the surgeon received my medical documentation, surgery was scheduled 2 weeks later.

From the moment I arrived at the airport, all was organized and taken care of. The doctors, nurses and staff at the clinic and hospital were kind, supportive and attentive to my every concern. Their professional, caring attitude and expertise gave me great confidence at every stage of the process. The hospital itself was furnished in the style of an attractive hotel, with a large private room my husband comfortably shared in the nights after surgery.

While major surgery is never something to look forward to, Timely Medical and the professionals in Sioux Falls made the whole experience a positive one. I am very grateful for their help in getting the treatment I needed so I can now get on with my life.

S. Dury

May 2014

Hi Rick

I made it back home today, the surgery went really well. The surgeon and all of the staff have been by far the most incredible group of people I have ever encounterd in a medical environment. The service at his office and at the Surgical Centre was extremely professional. I would highly recommend this service to anyone.

R. Hartwell


A note of thanks to Timely Medical Alternatives.  They saved my life by getting me a “timely” angioplasty at an excellent heart hospital.  It was the fastest, most professional and friendliest treatment.  Thanks again to Rick and Timely Medical Alternatives.

C. Graham


Hi Rick

Hope is well. Just a quick note to let you know that I am now home, doing quite fantastic. I feel like a million dollars with the relief from the pain from my former arthritic shoulder. The surgeon and his team were unbelievably great. The post-operatic care from the nurses were also more than first-rate. Mike, Barb, Gina and everyone else on the nursing team are to be most highly commended. And the physiotherapist, who was extremely busy, made a house call at 10 p.m. at the Center Inn before we left for Canada!

Thanks again and I will be happy to talk to any prospective patients who are contemplating surgery.


D. Pelliccione



Dear Rick,

I wanted to wait until my 3 month period had passed to write you and say how thankful I am for Timely Medical Alternatives, now that I have completely recovered.

To abandon the “free” medical plan we have in Nova Scotia and be willing to spend the money we did on a hip replacement was a big step for us.

I want you to know how much I appreciated the call from your vacation time in Hawaii, due to administrative problems in the states. You took control and handled the situation immediately.

Your choice of facility and specialists made the experience as easy as it could have been. The hospital administration were proficient and friendly; the nurses – wonderful; Mr Rice, the physiotherapist was exceptional.

Thank you once again,

Susan H.



Hi Rick,

As you can see from the email below that you were cc’d on, the surgery was very much a success. The surgeon was great. He spent as much time as I wanted answering my questions, came in to check on me in the hospital and to make sure I was discharged on Saturday morning (his day off), visited me at the house we rented (at his recommendation) a few days later, and was altogether professional and personable. The hospital staff were similarly professional and helpful, and the hospital itself very comfortable. The physio, Scott, was particularly helpful and I give him a lot of credit for getting me up on my feet quickly. I have nothing but positive things to say about the experience.

I would also like to thank you very much for your role in facilitating this. I think it is a shame that people in my situation need to go the States to do this, but given that they do you provide a very important service. That service was prompt and professional service throughout, and I thank you very much for your help. Needless to say I will recommend you unreservedly.

Thanks again Rick.





Further to our numerous emails, I had the surgery and all seems to be going well. Recovery is slow, but that is to be expected. The surgeon was quite surprised at the extent of the Shoulder damage when he went it – from a tear the size of a dime to one the size of a silver dollar was his description. He noted that had I waited a year to get the surgery, he would not have done it because the damage would have been too far gone! It was a great experience from a customer service point of view.

All appointments were scheduled at my convenience. During my stay in Phoenix for 2 ½ weeks, I met with the surgeon 3 times aside from the surgery itself. My wife met with him once while I was in post surgery. They kept me overnight because my stomach didn’t take well to the pain medication. Really nice private hospital – great service – smiling faces on the staff!! It was amazing when compared to the public system here. – I would highly recommend!!!


Vern E.


JUNE 2011

Hello Rick,

I would like to send to you this letter of appreciation for the great service you and your associates have provided for me. You were able to schedule the Robotic surgery required to remove my cancerous prostate months earlier than I could get it done in Canada. While writing this letter I would still be waiting for a consult with a Canadian doctor. Because of your service my prostate was removed on the 23rd of May. My cancer was aggressive, by having it removed early has saved my life. Waiting would have given the cancer time to spread, now it is gone. I am a cancer survivor because of you. The more people know of your service, the more lives can be saved. Early detection and removal is paramount.

Thank you, Rick Baker and your associates for giving me the opportunity to live longer with peace of mind.

James V.


MARCH 2011

Hello Rick,

How are you? Thank you so much for arranging my surgery last June. The surgery was a complete success; as soon as I awoke after the procedure the agonizing pain I had been suffering with for three years was gone. The level of care and compassion at the surgery centre was fantastic. I am happy to say that nine months later, I am walking without a limp, my gate is completely normal, I have lost thirty pounds, and I am returning to Paramedicine in the next few weeks. Thank you again.

-Ann G.



Hi Christian,

Just wanted to drop a note and let you know that I survived the hip surgery, am home, and on the way to recovery.

I also wanted to tell you how pleased I am with Dr. Creasman. As I think I had told you, I managed a cardiovascular lab for 25 years and dealt with many different physicians, their behaviors, their attitudes, and proclivities. Dr. Creasman is, without a doubt, one of the nicest I have ever run in to. He is professional, caring, and never makes you feel that he is rushed. I was also pleased with the surgical facility…not at all like a “regular” hospital. It was quiet, the employees were responsive, the food was not bad, and they do whatever they can to make the patient and their family member comfortable. I would recommend Dr. Creasman and his facility to anyone who might be as terrified as I was…it’s the little things that make the situation bearable.

Again, thank you so much for all your help and I hope I will not need your services again.