About Us

When referring our clients to Canadian surgical centres, we use some of the least expensive clinics in the entire country. But the lower prices aren’t reflected in the quality of surgery. Every surgeon we use is also employed by the Canadian government’s to do surgery in public hospitals. In fact, some of our surgeons are also used by professional CFL teams, Major League Soccer teams, and winter Olympic teams, as their team surgeon.

When we refer clients to the U.S., we use a slightly different model. Everyone is aware of websites which offer discounts on hotel rooms or cruise ships. If a cruise ship is only half booked, it leaves the dock anyway. If they can sell a cabin for half price, it is better than sailing with that cabin empty.

Unused operating rooms in hospitals are an unheard of concept in Canada. But in the U.S., almost no hospitals operate at 100% capacity.

Many prominent, famous, hospitals, simply wont negotiate their prices for fear of tarnishing their images. But many hospitals realize that while making $50,000 in revenue for a 2 hour surgery is standard practice, making 30% or 40% of that is better than letting an operating room time slot come and go without a patient receiving care.

Even at the deeply discounted rates we have negotiated, the hospitals in our network are still making a modest profit and are happy to take all the clients we send them.